Mossmorran compensation

Residents will be forgiven for wondering why it has taken Fife Council leaders five months to “raise the possibility of compensation” when an historic decision by Fife Council five months ago mandated them to do so.

To tell people now, when they are still being forced to endure constant flaring after the breakdown of Exxon’s ethylene plant at Mossmorran in August, that these talks will be pursued “in due course” is simply not good enough.

Exxon’s assurance that they are more focussed on reducing flaring and its impacts is of little consolation.

Their neighbours’ sleep continues to be disrupted by noise and light, Exxon continues to boycott a public meeting to hear directly from them and the Scottish Government continues to insist that an independent expert investigation into the environmental, social and health impacts of Mossmorran is unnecessary.

Given all this, no one is holding their breath on the compensation front.

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