Fifers left in the Brexit dark

Brexit has been leading the news for months, no-deal exit is fast approaching on October 31st yet from Fife Council there’s been radio silence. The last Brexit briefing councillors received was in March.

Other local authorities used the £50k they received from the Scottish Government to address the ramifications of Brexit by appointing a special officer, but Scotland’s third largest authority apparently didn’t see the need.

Fife Council will be the first port of call for Fifers if Brexit disrupts essential services, while key economic sectors such as food and drink, tourism, fishing and the University of St. Andrews are also likely to be affected.

If Fife Council has had its head in the sand over the impact of Brexit on its services and the wider Kingdom, so has the Scottish Government. Although the UK Government has given English councils nearly £60 million for Brexit planning, and diverted via Barnett Consequentials an extra £92 million to the Scottish Government for the same purpose, the Scottish Government in turn has only given its councils a paltry £50k apiece to date.

A cynic might say that the more chaotic and harmful Brexit ends up being in Scotland, the better it serves the interests of those using Brexit to push for Independence

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