More United?

I am sure I was not the only reader to be left puzzled and disappointed by the decision of More United*, the campaign group founded by Paddy Ashdown, to switch its support from the LibDem candidate to the SNP candidate in the North East Fife constituency for Westminster.

The name “More United” might be thought to suggest unionist credentials, and an aim of seeing the United Kingdom more united, something it desperately needs at the moment.

Checking the website for the group, I see it is committed to fostering cross-party working “to move Britain forward”. Working with the SNP in NE Fife might be cross-party, but the SNP is not a party remotely interested in moving “Britain” forward. It’s only interest is separating Scotland from Britain.

There is no party more devoted to, or more adept at, creating disunity in our body politic than the SNP. “More United” is a misnomer.


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