Cllr Sinclair out of touch with teachers

Your report (Front page of the Courier – 29th June) on Fife teachers’ absence due to stress in the last academic year shows a 51% rise since 2015/16, and a 27% rise since 2017/18.

The complacency of the SNP Education Convenor, Fay Sinclair, about this situation verges on the callous.

Pointing to “research” which allegedly shows that only 20% of the stress figures were thought to be “specifically work-related” entirely misses the point. The red warning light these figures flash is not to do with absolute figures, but with the year-on-year rise in stress-caused absence.

It’s difficult not to feel that Cllr Sinclair is more interested in protecting John Swinney’s record on education than facing up to the enormous pressure on our teachers which SNP reforms amid perpetual cuts to school budgets have created.

The fact is the pace of reform and cuts correlates with the rise in staff absence – and this is reflected to a less marked extent across Fife Council.

If party politics are not the explanation, then perhaps Cllr Sinclair is just out of touch with teachers in Fife.

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