Scottish Government blanks Mossmorran amidst a climate emergency

The First Minister has just declared a climate emergency, and the Scottish Government regularly trumpets its confidence in meeting its 2020 target of generating 100% of Scotland’s electricity from renewables.

Yet within sight of Arthur’s Seat the Mossmorran complex spews its noxious fumes into the atmosphere, with the most recent bout of “emergency” flaring prompting over 900 complaints to SEPA from local residents whose health and sleep were impaired.

At the same time, the last Shell Fife NGL Community and Safety Report celebrates the visit of local MSP Annabelle Ewing on February 25 2019, as it allowed her to appreciate how Shell operations at Mossmorran “enables 50% of electricity” in Scotland.

Scottish Government virtue-signalling about the climate emergency is in overdrive, yet it blanks the country’s third biggest polluter on its doorstep. Despite direct pleas from scores of residents, it cannot find a single representative to come to a public meeting in Lochgelly to hear from them about how Mossmorran affects their health and well-being.

Isn’t it time someone in the Scottish Government addresses the contradictions between its talk and walk on climate and energy?

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