Outstanding democratic engagement on Mossmorran

Councillor praises “outstanding democratic engagement” by Fifers over Mossmorran

Fife Councillors have received over 160 emails from people asking them to support a motion calling for a full independent investigation into all the environmental, health and social impacts of the operations of the Mossmorran complex.

Conservative Councillor Linda Holt who has been closely involved with Mossmorran Action Group said:

“We know that thousands of people took to social media to complain about the noise, light, vibration and pollution during last week’s emergency flaring at Mossmorran, hundreds reported social impacts to the MAG website map and a change-org petition demanding action has attracted over 3400 signatures to date.

But it’s fantastic that this has now translated into direct local democratic engagement, with all councillors in Fife receiving emails from 167 individuals urging them to vote for tomorrow’s motion at Fife Council.

Together with the protest tomorrow outside Fife House, councillors should be left in no doubt that Fifers living within the impact zone of Mossmorran have had enough of politicians shilly-shallying around the issue. They want an independent investigation and they want Fife Council to do all it can to urge the Scottish Government to act.”

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The email to councillors can be viewed at www.mossmorran.org.uk/campaigns/ and a selection of responses people have received have been shared on MAG’s fb page

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  1. Rebecca Davies

    Hope something can be done to shut down Grangemouth and Mossmorran – outraged that as we talk about reducing emissions this is still continuing! We should force the Exxon Shell to put their billions of profits into developing wave power north of Scotland ! Now not tomorrow or next year NOW – a complete shut down if oil – Mossmoran had shelf life of 20 years – they have outstayed their welcome by 15 years! ENOUGH ! Is ENOUGH !!!!

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