Fife trains and the Fife economy

The continuing unreliability of Fife’s trains isn’t just an almighty pain for current users; it’s also a major disincentive for potential users – people and businesses who might be thinking of setting up in Fife.

The truth is poor infrastructure cripples economic development, and Fife’s infrastructure and economy seem to be very low on the Scottish Government’s agenda. There have been plenty of words but precious few deeds to resolve Fife’s rail crisis.

The biggest economic stimulus in decades – the city deals – sees Fife squeezed between Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth, with no major infrastructure investment for the Kingdom. Instead we’re supposed to benefit from a ripple effect as Edinburgh booms, but this surely requires decent transport connections if people and businesses are to move here.

The current administration at Fife Council is also guilty of not putting economic development and infrastructure at the very top of its agenda. Why isn’t it making the loudest possible noise about Fife’s poor transport infrastructure to its paymasters in the SNP Government at Holyrood? A great deal of energy is expended by Fife Council on its Fairer Fife programme, but it will not achieve its aims unless it puts a lot more focus and effort into attracting business to Fife.

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