Fife Council fat cats

Cllr Linda Holt, Deputy Leader of Fife Conservative Group said:

“While other Councils have reduced the number of officers on high salaries, Fife has increased its numbers, with 57 more on lucrative £50,000-plus deals, the largest increase in Scotland, with two more on £80,000-plus and one more in the £100,000 bracket.

The SNP and Labour coalition at Fife Council have slashed services in education, health and social care, roads and environment, at the same time as raising Council Tax, council rent and the price of other paid-for council services. Meanwhile it looks as if they have been quietly bumping up the salaries of managers responsible for organising their “pay more, get less” budget. This is not the inevitable result of restructuring as experience at other councils shows.

I am asking Fife Council to publish full details on managers’ salary levels for the last three years, plus the cost of early retirement packages, compared to the same at councils elsewhere in Scotland.

We need to be confident that the SNP and Labour administration have done all they could to put their own financial house in order before asking ordinary Fifers to pay more for less.”

Reference: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/more-scottish-council-staff-paid-50k-plus-despite-austerity-1-4907067

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