Bin Lorry Breakdowns

We had disrupted bin collections a few weeks ago as new routes and timetables came in, now there’s more with lorry breakdowns. All this suggests an organisation which is not on top of its game.

If poorer service is the result of budget savings Starting to bite, Fife Council should be honest with Council tax payers. For instance, cutting vehicle numbers or movements, or cutting manpower by not replacing officers who leave and reorganising, in other words increasing, the workload of those who remain, are all liable to reduce levels of service. Are we seeing teething problems or permanently lower levels of service?

We have certainly had restricted opening hours and access to recycling centres caused by the need to make savings, despite continuing public complaints and now a rise in fly-tipping of 35%.

Disruptions to bin collections will also increase fly-tipping and general mess in our streets as full bins are left out for days, particularly in high wind. Such “savings” do not save money if they increase costs for other parts of Fife Council who have to clean up.

This is the height of environmental irresponsiblity on the part of the Council, and encourages further irresponsibility in turn. Messy, uncared for neighbourhoods are a disincentive to individuals to dispose of rubbish responsibly.

It is outrageous that the convenor of the Environment Committee lambasts Fifers for fly-tipping when his decisions have made getting rid of rubbish responsibly harder for people. He must be only person in Fife who believes his policies have nothing to do with the rise in rubbish on our streets, roadsides and beaches.

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