Tackling holiday hunger the Dundee way

What a fantastic initiative former Dundee City Council CEO David Dorward has set up with Dundee Bairns (today’s Courier, p.20)! A charity which addresses “holiday hunger”, it has organised volunteers to deliver 110,000 meals to children involved in holiday activities in Dundee over two years. It costs £85k pa, with half the funding from sponsors and half from Dundee Council.
What a contrast to the Council over the water! In this year’s budget, Fife’s SNP and Labour administration committed £400k for a number of pilot projects, where Fife Council opens up schools as feeding stations for Fife youngsters during the holidays.
Fife Conservatives recently set out an alternative budget which would use partnerships with the private and third sectors to make huge savings while also extending services. We were pilloried for suggesting “outsourcing”, but as Dundee shows, in a time of shrinking budgets, it’s the only way to make sure the council, and the people it serves, get the maximum bang for our buck.
We can no longer afford to throw headline-grabbing wads of cash at in-house schemes because of an outdated ideological prejudice that Fife Council on its own always does it better.

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