SNP car park tax impacts rural areas

Nicola Sturgeon has indicated that the car park tax is only the first move in her campaign “to encourage people out of their cars”. Once again she betrays her ignorance of those who do not live in cities or the central belt.
Public transport is either non-existent or so expensive, intermittent or non-existent that it is impossible to live and work in rural areas without driving.
The cost of transport has been recognised as a major cause of “hidden rural poverty” in north-east Fife.
Instead of picking on people who have no option but to pay dearly for the necessity of driving, the First Minister should be focusing on sorting out Fife’s execrable rail service, its inadequate buses and the continued stalling over a Levenmouth rail link.
Provide a decent, affordable public transport system and people will gladly leave their cars at home.

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