Letter on “Call to halt £1.2m cuts in Fife teaching posts”


Letter on “Call to halt £1.2m cuts in Fife teaching posts”

It’s jolly nice that our SNP MP Stephen Gethins has asked his party colleague, the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay if the Scottish Government “could further soften the impact of austerity on local councils and schools most affected” (today’s paper).

Is Mr Gethins now recognising that his party, the SNP at Holyrood, is responsible for the cuts to Fife schools? After all, the Scottish Government decides how much money to give councils, and it is solely in charge of education in Scotland, which is fully devolved.

Does he mention that the SNP has inflicted a near 10% real terms cut on Scottish councils since 2010, despite the Barnett Formula ensuring that Westminster’s contribution to Scottish finances has barely fallen in real terms in the same period? Or explain why the SNP decided to withhold the Barnett bulge from councils and schools, diverting it instead into its own centralised pet projects, while hiding behind “Westminster austerity”?

Is he also going to ask David Alexander, SNP co-leader of the administration at Fife Council, or Faye Sinclair, SNP convenor of Fife Council’s Education Committee, to consider lifting the axe which they are holding over Fife’s teachers and school children?

Of course not. Why not? Because, Mr Gethins tells us, “it’s all too easy to blame Fife Council and the Scottish Government who are having to mitigate these cuts”.

When will SNP politicians stop using nationalism to dodge the responsibilities they were elected to exercise?

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Linda Holt

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