The Times – University ‘treats St Andrews town like a dormitory’

Town and gown relations in St Andrews are at an all-time low, it has been claimed, amid complaints that Scotland’s oldest university is “ignoring its social and moral responsibilities” to house students.

Linda Holt, a Conservative East Neuk councillor, said: “Students have displaced families and working people. School rolls have plummeted, with one primary school closing altogether. The university has treated the town as a dormitory.

“By ignoring its responsibility to house its ever-expanding student population, the university is letting down not only its students but also its staff, who can’t afford St Andrews prices. It’s no surprise that town and gown relations are at an all-time low.”

Read the full article (Pay Wall): https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/university-treats-st-andrews-town-like-a-dormitory-m637dknxx

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