Sites for a new care home in Anstruther

60 people packed out a meeting of Anstruther Community Council on Monday night to hear about Fife Council’s plans to replace the Ladywalk Care Home.

David Heaney, Divisional Manager for Social Care, presented the various site options for the new £6.1 million facility . A lively audience expressed extensive and passionate criticism of the Council’s preferred option of Bankie Park .

Mr Heaney and Cllr David Graham, Council Spokesperson for Health and Social Care, agreed to extend the current consultation on site options to August 31 to give local residents more opportunity to access relevant information and make a response. They also committed to organising a further community drop-in session for those who were unable to attend on Monday.

The slides presented to the community council will be posted on their website Anstruther.info.

Mr Heaney also promised to supply answers to a number of outstanding questions about Bankie Park and the other sites. In particular, the audience wanted him to remedy an omission in the site selection criteria which ignored the environmental and social impacts of relocating a new care home on Bankie Park. While there would be no overall loss of acreage, the shape of the green space in the park, including access, would change in ways some people felt would damage the amenity.

The three local ward councillors, John Docherty, Linda Holt and Bill Porteous attended and have commented:

“We were delighted to see so many people turn out for what is the beginning of Fife Council’s consultation on building a new care home in Anstruther to replace the aging facility at Ladywalk which will soon no longer be fit for purpose.

“Bankie Park is a much-loved place by families and children, and it is particularly precious in an area which has been designated as lacking adequate green space.

“There are many questions still to be answered about possible options, and we look forward to Fife Council answering these questions and further engaging with the community.”

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