Motion 6 – Protect Music Education in Schools

Motion 6

Council notes that

  • despite being subject to cuts, Fife’s remaining instrumental teachers have gone the extra mile not only in maintaining outstanding commitments to the teaching they are contracted to do but also to associated activities such as group playing, rehearsals and performances
  • the annual proposal of cuts to the instrumental service singles out instrumental teachers and subjects them, most recently just before last Christmas, to extreme stress by proposing a decimation of the service and a compulsory choice between retraining and redundancy
  • instrumental instruction is not available to all school children in Fife, but is rationed through selection and cost (£220 pa unless the pupil is on free school meals or in S4-6 and studying towards SQA music exam)
  • the administration and all 4 parties were united in rejecting further cuts as proposed by the Education Service in the 2018/19 budget
  • EIS has launched a campaign Change the Tune to protect instrumental music in schools, and is supporting a petition lodged at the Scottish Parliament, calling for free instrumental tuition to be available to all children attending state schools in Scotland
  • this campaign has attracted all-party support including the SNP government at Holyrood which has committed to “working in collaboration with partners to find solutions that help ensure instrumental music remains accessible to all.”

That Council will

  • instruct the Education Service not to explore, propose or consult on further savings to the instrumental instruction budget or, if this is impossible, give an assurance that any such proposals which single out instrumental teachers for cuts will not be taken forward
  • seek to become one of the partners Scottish Ministers are working with to ensure instrumental instruction remains, or in Fife’s case, becomes, accessible to all.

Proposed by Councillor Linda Holt
Seconded by Councillor Alan Craig

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