Motion 3 – RBS Closure

Committee Meeting: The Council Chamber, Fife House, North Street, Glenrothes Thursday, 3rd May, 2018 – 10.00 a.m.
Agenda: c64_PDF-AgendaItem07-FINALVERSION (PDF)

Motion 3

“This Council condemns the closure by RBS of branches and ATMs, and the reduction in mobile banking services, in communities across Fife.

These cuts have a disproportionate impact on the local cash economy, on local businesses and on vulnerable residents such as the old and poor who rely on local banking services.

This Council calls on RBS to work with Fife Council to preserve existing services and to reverse recent cuts, and it commits to approaching RBS to begin this work.

This Council agrees that it is difficult to reconcile the retention of a contractual relationship with a bank which reneges on its service to Fifers.

The Council further agrees that it will review its contractual relationship with RBS if that service does not improve.”

Proposed by Councillor Linda Holt
Seconded by Councillor Tony Miklinski

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