Fife Council decision to hire luxury hotel beggars belief


The most striking thing in your report “Decision to hire luxury Fife hotel for council education conference ‘beggars belief’” is not that it is a luxury hotel at a time of increasingly painful cuts to Fife Council spending.

It’s that Fife Council justifies its choice of venue on cost grounds. Apparently, the luxury hotel “proves to be better value for money than the cost of using council facilities”.

How many other organisors of functions and users of facilities, both within Fife Council and outwith, bypass council facilities because better and cheaper options exist elsewhere.

It’s high time there was some joined up thinking in Fife Council’s administration.

How much money could it save if it outsourced all services and closed down all facilities which the private sector can provide more cheaply and to a higher standard? Enough money, perhaps, to reduce class sizes, satisfy the need for social care, fix the roads and keep libraries open?

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Cllr Linda Holt

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  1. Riçhard Kean e

    Madness , Fife council paying for outside rooms because it’s cheaper, a while ago I used to be in a group that regularly rented a school room , for a couple of hours then the council almost doubled the hire cost so we went to a private hire?? Place. So the council sits with a empty school building , but again recently I tried to hire a council facility to host a event for 25 guests etc , and again the council had recently put up fees by a very large amount , so we went to a private hire, sadly .

    So again no revenue ,

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