Levenmouth Rail Link


Magic wands are few and far between in politics, particularly when it comes to regenerating areas which have suffered severe economic and social deprivation for decades, but new transport links can be a game-changer.

Politicians across the political spectrum, at both local and national levels, are united in believing that the Levenmouth rail link is the single most effective thing government could do to transform the fortunes of the area.

Indeed, Levenmouth is extremely fortunate in having Councillor David Alexander, the SNP co-leader of Fife Council as one its local representatives, and the rail link plays centrally into his administration’s focus on equality in its Fairer Fife programme.

So it is utterly baffling that the rail campaign seems to have hit the buffers, at least as far as Fife Council is concerned (Courier, June 11). Evidence is sorely lacking that Cllr Alexander’s administration pushed as hard as it could to get the project included in the Edinburgh Cities Deal, and so it is perhaps unsurprising that SNP Scottish Government momentum is also stalling.

The ball is firmly in Cllr Alexander’s court. If he can’t, or won’t, galvanise the Council to get this key project in his own ward back on track, it’s not just an indictment of his commitment to the Fairer Fife programme, but of his entire leadership.

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