Community non-consultation on a failed project

Councillor Linda Holt has accused ORE (Offshore Renewable Energy) Catapult, the owners of Levenmouth’s giant turbine, of showing “characteristic indifference, if not contempt” for the community forced to host its “failed project”, after a community consultation failed to take place.

The consultation, which had been widely advertised, was scheduled for Thursday 6th September, 4-7pm at the Fife Renewables & Energy Centre. When Cllr Holt and other attendees arrived and inquired at reception, the receptionist said no event was taking place and she had no further information.

Cllr Holt said:

“I am angry that we and other members of the public came along to a community consultation, and there was nothing. No apology, no explanation, no information, nothing. Email enquiries fared no better.

This says it all about ORE Catapult’s attitude to the community which has been forced to endure this experimental mega-turbine, formerly owned by Samsung, for the last 4 years.

There has been no community benefit, no local jobs, no trigger for regeneration based on an offshore wind industry – just an intrusive industrial structure whose noise, movement and light effects have invaded residents’ homes and made life for some of them intolerable.

All this has been funded by millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money plus a massive 350% windfall payment for any electricity generated paid out of our electricity bills.

Catapult doesn’t give a jot about the local community which, it is assumed, is so disadvantaged it will put up with anything.

Of course ORE Catapult now wants to extend its temporary planning permission – who would want to get off such a lucrative gravy train? But the turbine is a failed project which Samsung walked away from and which has already swallowed millions of pounds of public money. It’s also inflicted pointless, undeserved suffering on an already suffering community.

Instead of welcoming self-serving PR and the wrong-headed “investment” of public money, Fife Council should be addressing this community’s real needs for transport infrastructure which is a proven key to economic regeneration.”

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