Conservative Concerns Around Edinburgh City Deal

Fife Conservatives have released this response to the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal which was announced on Thursday. Despite Fife contributing £30 million to the Deal, no projects in Fife are listed. The spectacular omission is the Levenmouth rail link as the campaign group for the link have pointed out.

The Conservative Group on Fife Council has highlighted concerns around the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal announced yesterday.

Group Leader, Cllr Dave Dempsey said “The City Deal Heads of Terms contains nothing specific in Fife, despite Fife Council submitting a list of projects in March.

Fife Council is ready to pump £30 million of capital into the Deal yet it remains unclear what this will deliver for Fife beyond vague knock-on benefits from improved transport infrastructure in Edinburgh.

The Deal is very Edinburgh-centric, focussing on five Research, Development & Innovation sectoral hubs in the capital. We don’t object to money being spent in Edinburgh – better there than hundreds of miles away – but we need to ensure that Fife isn’t left behind or forgotten.

Inclusion is supposed to be at the heart of the Deal yet it leaves hanging regeneration opportunities in Mid-Fife’s most deprived areas such as Levenmouth.

The Conservative Group will work to ensure that Fife is in the forefront as the City Deal moves forward. We want to see Fife based projects, notably the Levenmouth Rail link, brought in as soon as possible.”

The photo below shows Leven, Largo and Kennoway Councillor Graham Ritchie (left) with MSP Murdo Fraser (right) inspecting the disused line in Levenmouth which the LevenMouth Rail Link Campaign wants to re-open.

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