Will SNP & Lib Dems get the best Brexit deal for Fife fishermen?

Conservative candidate for NE Fife Tony Miklinski has challenged fellow SNP and Lib Dem candidates to sign the Fisherman’s Federation’s pledge.

Mr Miklinski said:

“Brexit means we can get rid of the Common Fisheries Policy at long last and take back access to the two-thirds of our fish stocks which it gave away to the EU. Only the Conservatives have been crystal clear that we will do this, and I am delighted to join my fellow Conservative candidates in signing the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation’s pledge*.

“The SNP is all over the place on this issue, wanting to take us back into the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy as part of rejoining the EU while at the same time getting an opt-out for Scottish fishermen. Scottish MEP Ian Duncan asked EU Fisheries Commissioner in March if this was possible and got a resounding no**. The Lib Dems who also want us back in the EU have been strangely silent on this issue.

​”So will Stephen Gethins stand up for Scottish fishermen and sign the Fishermen’s Federation’s pledge or will he leave Fife’s fishermen reeling in SNP spin?”

Tom Mackenzie of the Fife Fishermen’s Association said:

“On behalf of Fife Fishermen’s Association I am delighted to see one party support SFF’S stance on Brexit towards Scottish Waters and the CFP.”



​* Attached
**​ http://www.ianduncan.org.uk/index.php/site/article/commissioner_vella_confirms_opt_out_of_the_cfp_goes_beyond_mere_treaty_chan

Photos attached of Tony Miklinski listening to views at Pittenweem Harbour.

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