Conservative candidate for NE Fife Tony Miklinski has challenged local MP Stephen Gethins about his lack of action on the Levenmouth rail link

On a visit to the disused rail track at Levenmouth, Mr Miklinski said:

“We constantly hear that the SNP are stronger for Scotland and that only they can make Scotland’s voice heard at Westminster.

But what have the SNP actually done about the Levenmouth rail link? It’s the single most effective way for government to address the area’s long-standing economic and social deprivation. It’s also important for economic development in north east Fife which is blighted by poor transport links.

The Conservative government gave the SNP government at Holyrood an extra £800 million last November to spend on infrastructure like the Levenmouth rail link, but we’ve seen zilch.

Mr Gethins has sat in the House of Commons for two years and again apart from a few warm words he’s done nothing to get this project moving.

Unlike SNP MPs, Scottish Conservative MPs at Westminster have the ear of the UK government. They can also give 100% commitment to getting the best for their constituents, unlike Mr Gethins and his SNP colleagues, whose primary purpose is to agitate for a second independence referendum.

If I am elected, the Levenmouth rail link will be an absolute priority for me.”

Newly-elected Conservative Councillor for Levenmouth Graham Ritchie showed Mr Miklinski the route of the proposed link. Cllr Ritchie, a long-time supporter of the project, said:

“The Levenmouth Rail Campaign group is running a fantastically informed and energetic campaign, yet Humza Yousaf, the SNP transport minister, is just sitting on his hands, despite having the money. There’s huge frustration that the SNP is not pushing this desperately needed project.”​

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