Standing up for Scotland at Westminster


Nicola Sturgeon has declared that “this election cannot be about giving Theresa May a free hand, it must be about strengthening Scotland’s hand”.

Once again the First Minister commits a category mistake. Theresa May is the prime minister for the whole of the UK including Scotland, and anything which strengthens her hand in negotiations with the EU necessarily strengthens Scotland’s hand – unless of course you are a diehard nationalist who rejects the notion that the Prime Minister has any mandate to speak for Scotland. If the First Minister really thinks that, no wonder she finds it next to impossible to work with the UK Government.

What better way is there of making sure Scotland’s voice is heeded by the UK Government than sending a tranche of able Conservative MPs from Scotland to Westminster? They won’t waste time on embarrassing, attention-grabbing antics in the chamber and they are not required to submit to a ban on expressing dissent or criticism of the party as SNP members are. They will work their socks off standing up for Scottish interests, prepared in Ian Duncan’s words to defy the UK Government “because you have to fight for the people who sent you into the parliament. Full stop, first priority, always.”

On June 8th voters can elect SNP MPs forever carping on Westminster’s sidelines while following orders from Nicola Sturgeon to stoke the grievance agenda for Indyref2. Or they can elect Conservative MPs who will advocate for Scotland at the heart of government.

Yours etc

Linda Holt (Councillor for East Neuk & Landward)

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