“The Conservatives are in the clear majority in the East Neuk … “

Here are my answers to questions the local press put to me yesterday on my election.

What are you hoping to achieve now that you have been elected?

“I want a much better deal for local communities from Fife Council. I think we’re going to see some structural reform at Fife Council which I hope will mean the Council becomes both more accountable and more responsive to local communities, with genuine consultation taking place before decisions are made. I also hope budgeting will become more transparent, with more decisions made by local councillors on the North East Area Committee than in Glenrothes, and a better sense of what the Council is actually getting for the considerable sums it spends.”

What do you feel are the most important issues?

“The most frequent issue on the doorstep during the council campaign was the dismal state of our roads and pavements. I’m very concerned about infrastructure planning in general in the East Neuk – this means not just roads and transport, but mobile and internet connectivity, GP provision, school and leisure facilities and essential local services like cashpoints and shops. These are essential not just for the quality of life for those who live here but they also underpin the local economy. Too often the Council is not doing enough either to anticipate demands on this infrastructure (such as the huge increases in housing being planned for the area) or to support it in the face of challenges such as punitive business rates.”

Were you surprised with the result at all?

“I was chuffed to bits to top the poll and be the only councillor elected outright, especially since the area hasn’t seen a Conservative councillor since Mike Scott-Hayward in 2007-2012. In the past people voted Lib Dem because there wasn’t a strong local Conservative option. This result shows that Conservatives are in the clear majority in the East Neuk as they always used to be.”

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