Using rape as a political weapon


I cannot be the only one to be appalled at the way the ‘Tory rape clause’ has been turned into a meme and used to incite social media mobs and hound Ruth Davidson. The fact is that it was a compassionate move by Conservative policy-makers to give women with two children who had been coerced into bearing a third child the option of tax credits for that child which would otherwise not be available to them. SNP and Labour politicians know this and it is a sign of their desperation that they mislead voters in order to stoke anti-Conservative hysteria.

If the Scottish Parliament feels so strongly that this policy is shameful, why doesn’t it do something about it? After all, it has the means to do so, and surely that is the point of having devolved powers?

Rape should not be used for virtue-signalling and political grand-standing. Grown-up government is about making uncomfortable, and imperfect, decisions.

Instead of this grotesque bluster, Nicola Sturgeon could have been making sure rape victims in Scotland were looked after at least as well as they are in the rest of the UK. Last month HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland identified “unacceptable” shortcomings in the way rape victims are routinely treated in Scotland. Once again the SNP turns out to be more interested in tory-bashing on its endless quest for independence than in doing what it can for the welfare of Scottish citizens.

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