What Fife Conservatives are about – 251 words by Fife Conservative leader Dave Dempsey

The Fife Conservatives are campaigning on four simple themes – simple but apparently beyond those who have run Fife Council in recent years.

First is bringing decision making closer to the public, by really empowering the Council’s Area Committees and devolving still further to communities. One size doesn’t fit all. For example, we don’t have to have Sunday parking charges everywhere. Each town should be able to decide. We proposed that. The other parties overruled us.

Second is consulting the public before decisions are made and offering them alternatives to choose from. Fife Council rarely does that, preferring to consult after the answer has been determined.

Third is getting better value for money. The Council knows exactly where every £ goes but it has little idea what it gets in return. This makes it very difficult to tell whether the money could be better spent. Fixing that will be hard but it’s essential in a time of tightening budgets.

Finally, by listening to the public we’ll spend their taxes on the things they want, rather than the things councillors think they ought to want. We can start right away because all our canvassing tells us that roads and pavements are at the top of the list.

Other parties will tell voters that they’ll do much of this but they’ve all had the opportunity in recent years and they’ve all failed. They tell us that our plans are “impractical and unworkable”. That’s code for bursting the cosy bubble that’s lasted far too long.

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