Willie Rennie’s gaffe


Willie Rennie’s silence in your article about his misleading letter to voters in north east Fife speaks volumes. He has neither apologized nor explained his self-serving deception that a Conservative vote risks letting the SNP in.

Tactical voting against the SNP makes no sense in council elections because these are not First Past The Post elections with only one winner. Each ward will send three or four new councillors to Fife House.

Should voters want to give Nicola Sturgeon the strongest possible message that they do not want a second independence referendum, then a vote for the official opposition to the SNP, Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives, is a no-brainer.

Scottish Labour continues to swither on independence and Willie Rennie notoriously said his MSPs and activists were free to support independence after the last referendum.

Fife voters tempted to vote Lib Dem as a bulwark against the SNP should not forget that in 2007 they enabled the SNP to form an administration in Fife by forming a Lib Dem-SNP coalition. Only the Conservatives have explicitly ruled out any future coalition with the SNP at Fife Council.

Yours etc
Linda Holt

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