Canvassing in Pittenweem

I was honoured to have been joined by Rab Forman, Chairman of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party in Pittenweem this morning.

We covered a fair number of houses. In addition we were delighted to be accosted by Pittenweemers in the street who told us how fed up they were with Nicola Sturgeon and how they would be voting Conservative in the Council election.

Many thanks to Rab for his cheery help. He’s not a Chairman who skulks in his office; he is regularly out with the troops with his ear to the ground. He told me the story is the same wherever he goes – disillusion with the SNP’s record in government and disgust with Sturgeon’s call for a second referendum fuelling a big swing to Scottish Conservatives.

As one passer-by in Pittenweem said to me this morning, “Just tell Ruth to keep going”!

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