Insulted by £350 million: the never-ending grievance of the SNP


The miserable reaction of SNP MPs to the Chancellor’s unexpected announcement that Scotland would be getting an extra £350 million wasn’t just shockingly ungracious. It was also telling for two other reasons.

First, it revealed a nationalist mindset where whatever the UK government does, it’s never enough for the nats. The mere fact the UK government “gives” Scotland any power or money raises hackles and underlines how only full independence will do (although even if the nationalists gained that, I doubt it would settle their grievances – it would still be London what robbed us).

Implicit in all this is the nationalist denial that Scotland is democratically represented at Westminster, as are all the other parts of the UK, and is in fact part of the UK government. Of course the SNP is not represented in that government, but that does not mean Scotland isn’t. Scotland and the SNP are not synonymous.

Second, such an attitude by our SNP MPs and our SNP government at Holyrood must make working with the UK government a complete nightmare. Imagine family life with a sulky teenager or embittered spouse where anything positive you suggest is thrown back in your face because the very existence of the family is deemed an outrageous injustice. The civil servants caught in this morass deserve a medal.

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Linda Holt

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