Campaigning in Cupar

Drizzle did not deter Fife Conservatives from turning out in force this morning to support Tony Miklinski, our candidate for Cupar. I joined a sub-group who canvassed a residential area in Cupar, where we were met by the most encouraging response I have ever seen on the doorstep.

Not only were NO-voters vehemently against a second referendum, and therefore supportive of the only Unionist party in Scotland to be unequivocally opposed to IndyRef2, but there were also SNP Brexiteers looking for  a new home, as they no longer felt happy about voting for a party which wanted to take them back into Europe!

On top of that, we met SNP supporters who didn’t want a second referendum and felt their party should get on with the day job.

In terms of local issues, everyone I spoke to mentioned potholes (another slalom drive home for me as I dodged deep potholes which have opened up in the recent cold weather) and the Cupar North development. Everyone was worried about the lack of will shown by the developers in supplying essential infrastructure.

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