On using facebook and why I am standing for the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party

A post on my personal facebook page today:

I realise I have been a disappointment to many people who have befriended me on facebook as I don’t use facebook for personal posts about myself or my family. I respect those who do and I love seeing your news, but I can’t get over my own squeamishness.

Plus as many of you will know I have been a very active anti-wind farm campaigner and I didn’t want to dilute my campaigning on fb with personal stuff – so apologies to all those of you who got fed up with the anti-wind farm stuff, and to those of you who wished I was doing more of it.

My anti-wind farm campaigning morphed into more general community activism, support for the Better Together campaign during the Independence referendum and finally now standing as a candidate for the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party for May’s council elections for the ward where I live in Fife.

I see no contradiction between these activities and loyalties, although I am aware there are plenty who do. A large part of what fuelled my anti-wind farm campaigning was seeing how local communities were being trampled over by developers, councils and governments in Edinburgh, London and Brussels.

I am passionately committed to local democracy not just because of issues of fairness and social justice but also on the pragmatic grounds that local communities know best what they need. Of course there have to be limits to this, but increasing centralisation hasn’t been about recognising let alone debating these limits but simple manoeuvring for power by technocratic, corporate and political elites.

In Scotland the most effective opposition to this centralisation of power away from local communities is the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party.

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