Alex Rowley should have kept his eye on the ball

ALEX Rowley has some brass neck in demanding “more urgency” in building a visitor centre at Lochore Meadows Country Park.

Where has he been as this project has languished since Mr Rowley secured seedcorn funding of £1 million in one of his last acts as leader of Fife Council?

As a “long-time campaigner for the country park”, one might think he would have kept an eye on things and stepped in as the original vision shrunk to the pathetic portacabin now on offer?

Then there is his brass neck in telling Fife Council they need to “meet groups in all communities … to answer any concerns”.

As a local MSP in the area, who lost the constituency vote at the last election, did he not realise he needed to make some effort himself to listen to the communities?

As Fife Labour’s most senior member, could he not have had a word with his Labour colleague who leads Fife Council about his stated refusal to hold any more public meetings with the concerned communities?

Finally, having discovered how badly handled the whole project has been, and how very unhappy those who know and love the Meedies are, could Mr Rowley not have found some of the vision and leadership which local community groups are showing?

Instead he gives us the Meedies version of Project Fear in a desperate bid to cover the rear ends of the politicians and officers who have presided over this mess.


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