Letter to the Editor – Levenmouth By-Election


Your report on the imminent Levenmouth by-election calls it a “two-horse race” and gives the Conservative candidate Graham Ritchie short shrift. Yet by-elections over the last month in Scotland have seen decisive Conservative victories. The swing from the SNP to Conservative was 20% in Banff and 12% in Inverurie while in Annandale North there was a 10% swing from Labour to Conservative. While a Fife by-election in August in the Lochs saw a maverick independence-supporting Labour candidate win, the Conservative share of the vote leapt from 2% in 2012 to 10%, and the Labour vote slid from 66% to 42%. In these electorally tumultuous times, it may turn out to be a tad presumptuous to write off Fife Conservatives, even in Levenmouth.

Yours etc Linda Holt

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