The Conservative candidate in next month’s Levenmouth by-election is well-known local museum ​worker Graham Ritchie. He’s put himself forward because, he says, “Leven and Kennoway need a variety of strong community-based voices to fight their corner at Fife Council”.

A major figure in the development of Methil Heritage Centre where he worked for 17 years, Graham formally retired last December, but continues to work at the Heritage Centre as a volunteer. Graham was also a part-time farmer, having worked in community education before the museums service.

Mr Ritchie said:

“Ruth Davidson has led a resurgence of the Scottish Conservative and Unionists as the party of opposition at Holyrood, with 4 Conservative list MSPs elected for our mid-Scotland region in the last election. Now Conservative voices need to be heard at the local level too because carving up local government between Labour and SNP hasn’t always delivered the best outcomes for Fife.

“I’ve worked in the community here for almost two decades and helped to developed the Methil Heritage Centre, where I still volunteer. For years and years, they took everything away from here, and the Centre is about giving something back. Call it civic dignity if you like, and I’ve been privileged to be a part of that.

“Of course, there’s still so much to do in terms of improving the community’s prospects, particularly in these straitened times.

“That’s why Leven and Kennoway need a variety of strong community-based voices to fight their corner at Fife Council, and I’m honoured to have been selected to stand for Ward 22.”

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