Letter to the editor – Wind, Birds & Bats


George Herraghty makes important points about the dangers of wind turbines to birds and bats, (Turbine toll on birdlife, Letters, courier, 11 Apl 16) and the statistics he quotes – 895 birds per turbine per year in Sweden – are horrifying. However, his call to the wind industry to come up with figures for Scottish turbine deaths will go unanswered.

No one in the wind industry has the slightest interest in collecting full and accurate statistics about the negative impacts of wind turbines – be they bird and bat deaths, noise complaints and associated health problems, water contamination or even house price depreciation – because they know such information will lead to restrictions on development and operation, and hence profit.

The real question is why the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency haven’t forced the wind industry to collect this data, or better still, imposed a levy on the industry’s excessive profits to fund independent scientists to monitor the negative impacts of turbines on all living things, humans included?

The answer of course is that the wind industry has been highly effective in lobbying an SNP Government who long ago realised the political advantage of using Westminster subsidy to fund a green nationalist dream of wind as the new oil.

Never mind that these damaging turbines would not be generating electricity if they did not receive a 100% subisdy for every scrap of power they produced, never mind that the energy they produce is too intermittent to be the mainstay of our electricity supply, and never mind that wind energy contributed only 0.35% to Scottish GDP in 2015.

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Linda Holt
Scotland Against Spin
Dreel House
KY10 2RX

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